Participate in PrimeVote and Earn Limited Edition NFTs with Huobi’s Rocket Plan!

• Huobi’s seventh PrimeVote event has ended with MinePlex (XFI) coming out on top.
• 226,040,064 rockets were used for voting in this round with XFI accumulating the highest number of 208,172,999 rockets.
• Huobi has also introduced its newest endeavor ‘Rocket Plan’ which allows users to participate in PrimeVote and mint limited edition NFTs by improving their asset balances.

Huobi’s Seventh PrimeVote Event

Huobi recently announced the end of its seventh PrimeVote event where 12 projects competed for listing on the crypto exchange platform. A total of 226,040,064 votes were casted in form of ‘rockets’ with 5,176 individuals taking part in it. After two rounds of intense voting MinePlex (XFI) emerged as the winner with a total of 208,172,999 rockets.

Participants Earn Limited Edition NFTs

In order to encourage user engagement and experience Huobi has introduced its newest endeavor called ‘Rocket Plan’. Through this plan users can participate in PrimeVote events and mint limited edition NFTs by simply improving their asset balances without locking them up. Rockets refer to USDT equivalent of average assets held by the user over a period 30 days; one USDT equals one rocket and integer value is considered for calculations. The more rockets a user holds the more influence they can have in these events along with larger share of rewards associated with it.

Winning Projects

MinePlex (XFI) won first position by amassing 208,172,999 rockets followed by XDAO securing second place with 11,355,497 rockets while AD and INS came third and fourth respectively after collecting 4,130,180 and 2381 388 rockets respectively .

Eighth Round Begins Soon

   Huobi will carry on its worldwide search for outstanding projects through eighth round of Huobi’s PrimeVote event encouraging participants to vote using ‘rockets’. Voting rules will remain same as previous round wherein ‘rockets’ are favored voting tool though no asset balance will be locked during voting process since only integers are taken into account for calculations involving ‘rockets’.               


  With its Rocket Plan initiative Huobi has enabled users to take part in various platform decisions like PrimeVotes and new token airdrops while offering them exclusive rewards like NFTs if they improve their asset balances within set parameters. This round saw MinePlex (XFI) emerging as winner garnering highest number of 208172999 rockets while 8th round is all set to begin soon encouraging participants to vote using ‘rockets’.