Amazon and Goldman Sachs to Launch NFT Platforms and Tokenize Assets

• The real-world asset sector is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry, with a potential market cap of $16 trillion by 2030.
• Amazon and Goldman Sachs are rumored to be launching NFT platforms and tokenizing traditional assets respectively.
• Siemens has already issued a $60 million bond tokenized on the Polygon Network, demonstrating the feasibility of this technology.

Real-World Asset Sector To Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Industry

The world of crypto assets has seen significant growth in recent years, with the total market capitalization reaching over $3 billion in November 2021. A new sector within the cryptocurrency industry is poised to continue the trend and explode in terms of growth. According to Edgy, an expert in decentralized finance, the real-world asset (RWA) sector is set to change the course of this nascent industry and reach a potential market cap of $16 trillion by 2030 – catalyzing cryptocurrencies into mainstream use.

Amazon And Goldman Sachs To Tokenize Assets

Amazon’s NFTs are rumored to be tied to real-world assets. The American multinational giant allegedly plans to launch its own NFT platform that may be tied to real-world assets. Furthermore, Goldman Sachs launched GS Dap as a blockchain-based platform that allows traditional assets, such as loans and bonds, to be tokenized and traded on a blockchain platform. Additionally, technology company Siemens issued a $60 million bond tokenized on the Polygon Network – demonstrating the feasibility of using blockchain technology for tokenizing real-world assets.

How Real-World Asset Sector Could Reach Market Cap Of $16 Trillion By 2030

Edgy suggests that certain factors can act as “catalysts” for propelling RWA’s growth toward its target goal: reaching a market cap of $16 trillion by 2030. These factors include Amazon’s foray into NFTs; Goldman Sachs’ GS Dap platform; Siemens’ issuance of a tokenized bond; and other initiatives that have further demonstrated how feasible it is for traditional investors to adopt blockchain technology for their investments.

What Does This Mean For Crypto Investors?

The potential growth in RWA signals huge opportunities for crypto investors if they start investing now and get ahead of this trend before it takes off fully. With more institutional players entering into this space and more innovation being developed around these technologies, there could be massive returns on investment from early adopters who capitalize on these opportunities before they become mainstreamed across all industries globally – potentially leading us into an entirely new economic system built on blockchain technology!


The emergence of RWA could usher in an entirely new era for cryptocurrencies by providing them with greater liquidity, accessibility, security and trustworthiness than ever before seen in legacy financial systems. Early adopters who invest now stand to benefit significantly when these trends take off fully – potentially leading us towards an economy based entirely upon blockchain technology!